Non-admitted patients: the latest baffling turn in health care finance

Key line: “…a striking example of just how impenetrable the US health care system can be for those who use it.”



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CBO Cost Estimates for Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Here’s the key table out of the report (click the image to see the details):

The seven-year total from years 2015-2022 (the full implementation years) is 1.187 trillion. That averages to a per-year cost of about 170 billion. If you project out to ten years, that gives an implementation cost (after revenues) of 1.7 trillion.

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Jonathan Cohn’s Obamacare Error

In today’s column, Mr. Cohn claims the following:

“When the Affordable Care Act became law, CBO estimated that the net result of all these changes, taken together, would be to reduce the deficit. Now, with this revised estimate, CBO has decided the law will reduce the deficit by even more money.

“Yes, you read that right: The real news of the CBO estimate is that, according to its models, health care reform is going to save even more taxpayer dollars than previously thought.”

The CBO estimate in question states the following:

“CBO and JCT have previously estimated that the ACA will, on net, reduce budget deficits over the 2012–2021 period; that estimate of the overall budgetary impact of the ACA has not been updated.”

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Health Care Update — April 4 2011

Articles on Health Care Reform — Most of them are from the first three months of 2011:

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Does Universal Health Care Improve Health?

Here’s one post on the subject:


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