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This is old news and only interesting to those who don’t know the state of privacy laws. Still, it’s a healthy reminder about the status quo of our information. Some of the obvious questions here are whether emails deserve the protection enjoyed by letters, or whether they deserve the protection enjoyed by phone company records; whether incoming emails should enjoy a different level of protection (given that they did not consent in the way that the account owner consented); whether headers and content should receive different levels of protection; how to apply wiretap statutes; others?



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Unbridled optimism

Not much to say here, but another fun read from the folks at Singularity U: http://www.kurzweilai.net/book-review-radical-abundance-how-a-revolution-in-nanotechnology-will-change-civilization.

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Latest on quantum computing

Solid overview of the state of quantum computing, cryptography, and the classic principles and debates in the field.

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Ethics of neuromanipulation


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Journals and Blogs in Information Ethics

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