Paul Krugman’s “Obama is Missing”

Dr. Krugman alleges in his April 11 column that the $2.9 trillion dollars that would have to be made up by Mr. Paul Ryan’s tax cut could not easily be made up by merely closing tax loopholes because, as he writes:

“The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center puts the revenue loss from these tax cuts at $2.9 trillion over the next decade. House Republicans claim that the tax cuts can be made “revenue neutral” by “broadening the tax base” — that is, by closing loopholes and ending exemptions. But you’d need to close a lot of loopholes to close a $3 trillion gap; for example, even completely eliminating one of the biggest exemptions, the mortgage interest deduction, wouldn’t come close.”

In fact, it appears that closing that particular loophole would net $210 billion a year. This author claims $400 billion. The White House claims the figure is $131 billion. The St. Petersburg Times’ analysis claims that the impact is decreasing and is down to about $93 billion per year.

At worst, then, the loophole — if fully closed — would make up for one third of the lost tax revenue. At best, it would be in the neighborhood of 75%.


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Health Care Update — April 4 2011

Articles on Health Care Reform — Most of them are from the first three months of 2011:

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