Recent Health Care Reform News

From September 2010 – 6 months after passage:

  • The law calls for each state to set up health insurance exchanges. Here’s a story about how that process is going.
  • An argument on how the plan to create exchanges “undermines quality health care.”
  • McDonald’s is considering dropping its minimum-benefit plans for approximately 32,000 of its workers. The company has sought a waiver from federal regulations that require it to spend 80% or 85% of the money spent on the package on patient benefits. McDonald’s argues that mini-med plans, as they are known, can’t meet that requirement due to high enrollment turnover. Here’s the Wall Street Journal story. Immediately after the story went online, McDonald’s issued a partial retraction.
  • Several companies have been dropping their Medicare Advantage health plans. Here’s one story. Here is the Politifact page evaluating the claim that President Obama has repeatedly made about his plan not forcing anyone to lose their current coverage.
  • Several health insurers have decided to stop offering child-only health plans in response to the law.
  • An article on the increases in health care costs that are forecast for 2011. More on costs, this time on the Dallas market. And another piece on Cincinatti’s costs.

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