Truth Through Combat

Caleb Howe’s McEscalation

One of the snazziest anti-nanny-state articles in a while. Perhaps the clearest and most direct argument that can be found in this highly stylized piece is found about midway:

Also instructive is the assertion that McD’s is undermining parental authority. Note the subtle abdication of that very authority, and all personal responsibility, just by that remark. Kids are fat because toys lure them, and parents are powerless. Since you, you weak fat Americans, are too weak and fat to decide what to feed your kids, we will do it for you. Since you can’t say no on a case by case basis, we’ll just take away the option.

Howe’s argument relates to a proposed San Francisco law that would restrict the sale of toys with Happy Meals. The objective is to remove the “lure” of toys so as to not provide an enticing target for children. Howe’s reply questions the idea that the solution to such enticements is to remove the option and take away the need for parents to make these sorts of decisions.

This raises the following questions:

  • To what extent should government see itself as a parental aid?
  • Is this kind of government intervention in personal dietary decisions capable of being successful? Can/will such interventions succeed in making people healthier?
  • Even if it does succeed, is such an intervention warranted? What does society or humanity lose when government takes over this kind of decision-making, if anything?

Here’s the piece: http://www.redstate.com/absentee/2010/08/19/war-on-food-mcescalating.

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