Truth Through Combat

The Third Book of Plato’s Republic


  • Mythology and its lessons
  • Homer
  • Depictions of death
  • Girly-men
  • Achilles the lamenter
  • Zeus the weeper
  • Fits of laughter
  • No lying (by private individuals)
  • Honest and temperate youth
  • Asexual
  • No eating (or drinking) for the sake of eating (or drinking)
  • Oh, that slutty Aphrodite; that condemnable Ares!
  • The rapists Theseus and Peirithous
  • Narration
  • Matter and manner of poetry
  • Style of poetry
  • Simple narration and imitation
  • Simple narration as story-telling
  • Imitation: acting
  • Tragedy and Comedy: nothing but imitation
  • Dithyrambs as strictly narrative
  • Etc.

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One Response

  1. trishothinks says:

    Thanks for the breakdown….It appears that Plato had way too much time on his hands, after glancing over that list.

    I think I want to read the section on “girly-men” and “fits of laughter”. Those sound interesting enough to keep my attention….oh and maybe “etc.”….just to find out what that is about.

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