Truth Through Combat

New Issue of the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics is Available

You can find this journal via http://elinks.ecc.edu/library. This is a special issue on stem cell research. Here’s the Table of Contents:

“Embryo Stem Cell Research: Ten Years of Controversy” by John A. Robertson

“Why Scientific Details Are Important When Novel Technologies Encounter Law, Politics, and Ethics” by Lawrence Goldstein

“Old and New Ethics in the Stem Cell Debate” by Richard M. Doerflinger

“Creating Embryos for Use in Stem Cell Research” by Dan W. Brock

“Resolving Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Clinical Trials: The Example of Parkinson Disease” by Bernard Lo and Lindsay Parham

“Allowing Innovative Stem Cell-Based Therapies Outside of Clinical Trials: Ethical and Policy Challenges” by Insoo Hyun

Stem Cell Research and Economic Promises” by Timothy Caulfield

“Diagnosing Consciousness: Neuroimaging, Law, and the Vegetative State” by Carl E. Fisher and Paul S. Appelbaum

“Damage Control: Unintended Pregnancy in the United States Military” by Kathryn L. Ponder and Melissa Nothnagle

“Teaching Health Law: Teaching Law and Medicine on the Interdisciplinary Cutting Edge: Assisted Reproductive Technologies” by Susan B. Apel

“Recent Case Developments in Health Law” by Kate Wevers


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