High-Risk Pool Inclusion

A June 2010 story about the creation of high-risk pools by states. The health care reform package would create such high-risk pools in states that do not currently have them. The objective of those pools is to enroll people with pre-existing conditions that have a hard time finding “affordable” coverage in the open insurance market.

Some states have already set up such pools. There is fear that the reform bill allocated too little money to keep these pools running until 2014, when insurance companies will not be allowed to turn anyone away from coverage (the act allocated $5 billion nationwide).

Here’s the TX state health pool page: http://txhealthpool.com/. Here’s a story about Montana’s risk pool, just in the process of being created: http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/high-risk_health_insurance_pool_to_launch_in_montana/18439/.


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