Latest Issue of American Journal of Bioethics

Articles Include:

“Ethical Rules, Policies, or Guidance?” by Ruth Macklin, 1-2.

“The Case for Evidence-Based Rulemaking in Human Subjects Research” by Benjamin Sachs, 3-13.

“Ethical Rules for Human Subjects Research” A Case Where the ‘is’ Must Inform the ‘Ought’” by Alexander A. Kon, 14-15.

“Public Trust as a Policy Goal for Research With Human Subjects” by David B. Resnik, 15-17.

“In Defense of Valid Design as a Policy Rule” by Emily L. Evans, 18-19.

“A Third Way: Ethics Guidance as Evidence-Informed Provisional Rules” by Kirstin Borgerson and Joseph Millum, 20-22.

“An Absence of Evidence in ‘Evidence-Based Rulemaking’” by Jason Gerson and Steven N. Goodman, 22-23.

“Is There a Case for a Distinction Between Ethics and Policy?” by David Hunter, 24-25.

“How to Do Research Fairly in an Unjust World” by Angela J. Ballantyne, 26-35.

“Fair Benefits in Developing Countries: Maximin as a Good Start” by Ruth Macklin, 36-37.

“Why Adopt a Maximin Theory of Exploitation?” by Alan Wertheimer, Joseph Millum, and G. Owen Schaefer, 38-39.

“Multiple Forms of Exploitation in International Research: The Need for Multiple Standards of Fairness” by Jeremy Snyder, 40-41.

“One Size Does Not Fit All: Toward ‘Upstream Ethics’?” by Vural Ozdemir and Bartha Maria Knoppers, 42-44.

“Practical and Political Problems With a Global Research Tax” by David B. Resnik, 44-45.

“The Perverse Consequences of a Proposed Global Tax on Research” by Chris MacDonald and Nancy Walton, 46-47.

“Human Rights: The Normative Engine of Fairness and Research in Developing Countries” by John McMillan, 47-49.

“International Research and Positive Obligations: Are They ‘Transaction Specific’?” by John Rossi, 49-51.

“For-Profit Clinical Trials in Developing Countries – Those Troublesome Patient Benefits” by Udo Schuklenk, 52-54.

“Justice in the Application of Science: Beyond Fair Benefits” by Alex John London, 54-56.


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