Six Meaningless Claims on Food Labels

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HEALTH | January 28, 2010
Six Meaningless Claims on Food Labels
Although food labels are supposed to tell us exactly what’s in the food we’re buying, marketers have created a language all their own to make foods sound more healthful than they really are.


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Ashley X Revisited

The January 2010 issue of AJOB – the American Journal of Bioethics – has a paper by Diekema and Fost defending their use of growth attenuation therapy in the case of Ashley X. Those of you in my classes can find the article under Lessons/Course Resources/PDF Files. The relevant ethical questions are obvious, perhaps, but it might not be too easy to build a case against the use of this therapy.

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Health Care Update – January 18 2010

  • The Wall Street Journal has published a piece on the options open to Congress.
  • Another WSJ piece on how to pay for the bill.
  • Does it matter what the people think? Here is a list of polls on health care reform. They raise an interesting question: should politicians always do the bidding of the people, or should they at least sometimes promote unpopular ideas based on their own belief systems?

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The Health Care Coverage and Finance Debate

It is difficult to track the debate because of the secretive nature of the negotiations, but there are a few decent resources:

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