Truth Through Combat

The Crisis

The “health care crisis” is not a funding crisis. It’s a crisis of expectations: residents of wealthy societies sometimes come to expect that society to guarantee certain outcomes. In this particular nation, it appears that its residents have decided to demand a comfy and pain-free 80 years of life. The unrealistic nature of this demand is by no means an obstacle to its being made. Indeed, this lack of realism makes the idea appear even more palatable to those who are enamored with utopianism.

Added to this crisis of expectations is another: a crisis of health. But this crisis is brought on by unhealthy living, and any efforts to fix the symptoms of unhealthy living will inevitably encourage unhealthy living. 

There’s only one solution to this: Americans must reacquaint themselves with the idea of Noble Death. The soporific of a “right to health care” should be replaced with a vibrant re-dedication to a good life that sees its climax in a noble and happy death. 

In short, America needs courage.


Filed under: Bioethics

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