Truth Through Combat

Writing the Papers

To develop your papers, remember the following:

The first item is the outline. Tell me what the argument is, including your premises and conclusion. For example, you could argue as follows:

  1. Premise One: Abortion is killing.
  2. Premise Two: Killing is wrong.
  3. Premise Three: That which is wrong should be illegal.
  4. Conclusion: Abortion should be illegal.

The second item is the body of the text. Defend each of the above premises as well as you can in supporting paragraphs.

The overall objective of the arguments is to develop a valid deductive argument with well-supported premises. Validity is defined as the impossibility of a conclusion being false if the premises are assumed to be true.

Here is a good resource on writing argumentative papers (thanks to Douglas Portmore): Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper.


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