Intelligent Design

The debate over ID is raging. Intelligent Design is the theory that there are entities so complex that they must have been intelligently designed. A frequent extension of the theory is that such entities could not have evolved in the way that the theory of evolution says they evolved (through a large number of minor changes in physiology occurring over millions of years). Some schools, districts, and states want to teach ID in science classrooms, and this has generated a backlash among those who believe that such a move would violate the separation of church and state.
To understand ID, one needs to understand the science of evolution and the theoretical claims that proponents of ID are making. So, we begin with a summary of evolution theory. Then, a scientific debate on ID. Finally, some additional arguments, mostly on the political issues involved. 
Some of the issues raised by this topic are…
  • Should ID be taught in public classrooms at all? If so, is it appropriate to include it in the science curriculum, or should it be moved to a philosophy or religious study course?
  • Is ID a scientific theory?
  • Must the universe have an intelligent designer, or is it possible for the universe’s complexity to have evolved without such a designer?


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