Truth Through Combat

The Case of Mary Northern

An interview on the case – includes video and transcript: http://www.kosmosonline.org/2011/01/18/podcast-conditional-preferences-and-refusal-of-treatment-or-the-strange-case-of-mary-northern/.

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A “radical new teaching method”

I can’t really see a new method here, but these sorts of weepy stories often have their shred of truth behind them. In this case it is that curiosity certainly “works.” What this lacks in rigor, however, is rather obvious: how to properly direct curiosity so that learning objectives are met rather than skirted. We can all understand how self-motivation improves learning, but who among us has managed to turn that insight into a replicable, scalable, and adaptable pedagogy?


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Existential neuroscience? Really?

Really: Quirin M, Loktyushin A, Arndt J, K├╝stermann E, Lo YY, Kuhl J, & Eggert L (2012). Existential neuroscience: a functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of neural responses to reminders of one’s mortality. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 7 (2), 193-8. PMID: 21266462

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Online CT Education: The effective discussion forum


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The latest case of mistaken coma diagnosis


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Florida’s latest entry into the online education marketplace

Perhaps this is about as sober an approach to online learning as a large state system could take: http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus/u-of-florida-online-bachelors-programs-win-state-approval/46883.

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The movie formula


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Nagging students into studying


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Zarathustra enters the blogosphere


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Philosophy’s roots in conversation


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